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For client computing, we provide desktops, laptops, and VDI, by with partnering with Lenovo and Apple to ensure our clients have access to the latest technology. Our server offerings include discreet, blade, and virtual servers, and we have partnered with HP to provide reliable and efficient solutions.

Overall, our focus on compute and storage, along with our partnerships with industry-leading companies, allows us to provide reliable and efficient solutions for data protection and business continuity.

Hardware And Peripherals: Our unrivalled partnership with leading hardware and peripheral manufacturers such as HP, IBM, HP,

ACER, Dell, CANON, EPSON, D-LINK, and more allows us to cater to our clients' ever-evolving needs. Whether it be the need for high-performance servers or state-of-the-art workstations, we offer a wide array of hardware options, including essential peripherals such as printers, scanners, plotters, storage devices, backup devices, modems, LAN cards, video conferencing kits, and UPS. Our commitment to partnering with reputable brands ensures that we deliver top-quality products and provide unmatched customer satisfaction.