Burglar Alarm System

Burglar (or intrusion), fire and safety alarms are commonly found in electronic form today. Some systems are dedicated to one mission; others handle fire, intrusion, and safety alarms simultaneously. A system of sensors is connected to a control unit, which in turn connects to a means for announcing the alarm, hopefully to elicit some response.

The Alarm system has been designed to take care of even the minute and most complex security aspects. Burglar Alarm is a formidable electronic security system that maintains a constant vigil over your premise. Sophistication ranges from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi zoned digital systems with color-coded computer monitor O/P. A completely dependable system that does not sleep does not goof or does not go over to the other side.

The Security of your premises is something you can hardly afford to sleep over. Or worse still/Lose sleeps over! Now, the Alarm system provides an effective way to minimize your risk.

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mgb & co
A Complete IT Setup, with Structure cabling, Wi-Fi Access Point, Cisco Switches and Router setups and Network Configuration Project completed for mgb & co.

Central Bank of India
Technokaar has done centalised bio-metric with 6 door Access controller at Central Bank of India, fort Main Branch

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